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Our Veterinary Articles Archives present a broad view of the field of veterinary medicine. Its intended use is as a general knowledge resource and not as a medical reference. As always, please consult with your own veterinary specialists for specific facts and remedies pertaining to your own situation.

The archives are broken down into 5 Sections as follows:

  1. Animal Hospitals

    Animal Hospitals Are Now State-Of-The-Art The typical Pet Hospital will have a philosophy very similar to this one found on the internet. Who We Are “Bramer Animal Hospital is a team of highly trained and motivated individuals whose primary concern is for the growth, health, and well-being of our companion animals”. This type of facility, ...

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  2. Veterinarians

    A veterinarian entering the job market today has a very bright outlook. Approximately 2800 new graduates are matriculated each year and this number is far below what’s needed for the growing profession. It’s clear that this demand will continue well into the future, partly driven by the increasing need for veterinary services for felines, as ...

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  3. Veterinary Clinic

    How to Recognize Hip Dysplasia in Dogs A veterinary clinic or animal clinic, is just one of the places where practitioners of veterinary medicine may be found practicing their craft. A clinic usually is for short term, non life threatening care. A veterinary hospital is for long term, emergency and non emergency care with beds. ...

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  4. Veterinary Services

    Veterinary Services may vary from facility to facility, however, there are some core services that most veterinary care practitioners always seem to provide. Even some animal adoption and dog shelters now have attached wings or buildings that can provide some of these services at reduced rates. Lets begin with the pet hospital. A full service ...

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