Well Pet Prevent Plans 

Well Pet Prevent Plans have arrived at Croydon Pet Hospital. These pet wellness plans come as a direct result of a new partnership between Preventplan.net and Royal Canin, a premium dog and cat pet food manufacturer. Croydon is proud to be a part of this pet wellness alliance.

Prevent Plans was founded by veterinarians (and dentists) to make high quality preventive health and wellness care available to everyone. Prevent Plans is the first company of its kind, outside of group practice, to offer preventive health care plans through your local veterinarian or dentist.

Well Pet Prevent Plans are discounted, pre-paid blocks of preventive pet care services for your dog, cat, puppy and kitten. Our plans are designed for preventive health care as this is a heavily disregarded part of care for pets. Together with a healthy diet, preventive healthcare is the most important thing you can provide your pets throughout their lives.

Is This Pet Health Insurance?

A Well Pet Prevent Plans is not an insurance plan. It’s so much better than that. Our plans are a quality, membership payment plan that allows the focus to stay on preventive care. Most insurance policies only provide coverage for unforeseen illnesses or injuries.

Why does my Pet need to be on a wellness plan?

It has been proven over and over that solid preventive pet care can, and does improve the quality of your pet’s health and even extends the lives of your pets.

What’s Covered

For more more information contact our office : (410) 760-1746 or come in and pick up a brochure.



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