Croydon Interactive Mobile Wall

Croydon Interactive Mobile Wall

Croydon Has Gone Mobile With Its Clients!

The next time you visit our Animal Hospital, take a look at the 3 wall posters to the right of the reception desk. They are not there only for decoration, that’s our “Interactive Mobile Wall”. (See image below).

What’s This All About?

All Smartphones, yes, even yours, have an internal camera that can be used to scan a QR Code, (the little square codes, like the one to the left, you see popping up all over the place). An understanding of the deeper explanation of the QR Code is really not necessary to use them, however, in simple terms, a QR Code is a barcode similar to the horizontal ones you are used to in the grocery stores.


Take out your Smartphone, activate the Barcode Scanner and scan one of the codes, you will soon be on your way to interacting with The Croydon Pet Hospital.

Some older Smartphones, going back two or more years, may not have Barcode Scanners pre-installed. No problem. On the posters are very easy directions to get one downloaded in about 5 minutes.

So, the next time you’re in, go over to the posters and “Interact with us”. It will give you something to do while we tend to your four-legged family member, okay?

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