Veterinary Technician / Veterinary Assistant

Job Type: Full Time, Part Time

Competitive Salary/Pay:  Based on Experience

Job Description:

Veterinary Technicians/Veterinary Assistants will assist veterinarians in the care of animals. They may perform initial evaluation of the animal’s condition, check vital statistics, collect blood and urine samples, administer medication and vaccines. They will also perform basic procedures such as Dental cleaning.

They help during patient examinations and surgical procedures by restraining animals when necessary, stocking examination and surgery rooms with supplies. Also, sterilizing tools and ensuring that equipment is in working order.


Veterinary Technicians/Veterinary Assistants must have excellent communication skills, so that they may interact with pet owners/co-workers. They must understand animal behavior and a strong clinical skill in order to properly evaluate an animal’s condition and provide treatment. They must be detail-oriented and well-organized so that they may take medical history, carry out instructions. Document patient statistics and update records.

Here at Croydon Pet Hospital we strive to treat every pet that enters the door as we would our own. It’s essential that potential candidates enjoy working with animals and have the ability to comfort, handle and restrain animals of all sizes. To learn more about our hospital, please include a resume, and three references when responding to this advertisement.