We have been clients of Dr. Sobowale’s for numerous years and we could not ask for a more compassionate and kindhearted Veterinarian for our little ones.

Dr. Sobowale understands that we view animals not only as our pets, but as a part of our family. Any little critter would be considered fortunate to be in the kind hands of Dr. Sobowale and we whole-heartedly believe that no family would be disappointed with his treatment of their pet(s).

In addition, he is always so upbeat, a pleasure to be around, and when you leave his presence, you are always smiling and your day seems somewhat happier.

Over the years, we have dealt with the pain and sadness of losing some of our pets and Dr. Sobowale was there for us, not only as a Veterinarian but also as a friend. He has also been there for us with the joy of adding new pets to our family and ensuring that they receive the best care possible. And, most recently, he has been there for 5 little kittens that we have rescued.

Dr. Sobowale has even driven out to our home and performed “house calls” to come see the kittens to ensure they are all healthy, growing strong, and are all doing well.

Not only are we grateful that our little ones have such a wonderful, kind and caring Veterinarian, we as a family are so blessed to call Dr. Sobowale our friend. You will not be disappointed in selecting Dr. Sobowale as your Veterinarian — you will receive so much more than you ever could imagine!


Dog wasn’t keeping food down for the past 24hrs. Called at 12:30 and had an appointment for 3pm. Great service. Been going to Croydon for 8+ years now.


We first met Dr. Sobowale in early 2004. We were clients of another hospital at the time and had signed up our new puppy, Hunter, for their Wellness Program.

Almost immediately we were very disappointed. We felt like just another number, and the doctors sort of went through the motions. The office receptionist staff was disorganized, the wrong information was input in the computers about the various immunizations and treatments Hunter received. They would argue about it even when I would pull out printouts from a prior visit to prove the information was incorrect. It felt like a discount shop. The monthly payments were cheap, but in the end you get what you pay for, we discovered.

Then Dr. Sobowale stepped in and introduced himself to us. Immediately we realized he was different from the other staff at this hospital. He remembered us at each visit; he took an active interest in not just our dog, but us as well.

Hunter has a special personality and is very wary of people in general. Dr. Sobowale was never fazed by Hunter’s attitude. He was friendly and patient and won him over. Within a very short time of meeting Dr. Sobowale we advised the hospital that we only wanted him to examine Hunter. The only reason we remained clients there was because we felt we had a vet who really cared. He made us feel like we were his family. And his dedication to Hunter’s health and well being was genuine.

A few years after we met Dr. Sobowale we moved out of the area. We knew that we would not find another vet like him. So for the past 5 years we have commuted from York, PA to Glen Burnie, MD.

When we found out he was leaving this hospital, we were devastated. But then were immediately overjoyed to learn he was going out on his own. His vision of establishing a veterinary practice with a “family feel”, where he could spend more time with each patient and get to know them better, and make them feel they were part of his family is a vision we wholeheartedly embrace. We had no qualms whatsoever about canceling our contract and have been eagerly awaiting the opening of his new practice.

We recently added a new member to our family, Bailey. There was not even a moments hesitation as to who we trusted most to be her vet. And so we will continue the commute because we know she’ll be in the best hands.

Throughout the years, Dr. Sobowale has gone above and beyond that of a veterinarian. He has shown love and compassion for our Hunter and to us during tough times. We couldn’t ask for a better veterinarian! He is more than that; he is like a member of our family!

Good Luck with your new practice Dr. Sobowale and you can always count on us for referrals!


If you are looking for a caring and compassionate veterinarian, than look no further than Dr. Sobowale at Croydon Pet Hospital.

We have put the care of our beloved Huskies, Rena and Kayna in his capable hands for the last eight years. Despite the many medical issues plaguing one of our dogs, Dr. Sobowale is always ready with a solution and has gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions to help.

There is no one that shows more kindness regarding his patients, both animal and human.


They did an amazing job spaying our cat! Would recommend for any pet health needs, big or small. By far the best vets office I have been too In many years as a pet owner.


Everyone here is amazing! They treat your pet like their own! I recently put my dog of 13 years down with their help. They were so supportive with every step of the way. I actually called them because my other vet wouldn’t see Lucky right away. We couldn’t wait because he was in so much pain! Croyden got us in within an hour of when I called! Now they have my business for life! My other dog Oscar just got his teeth extracted and again they have been very supportive. Nice to know they care about my animal! I won’t take Oscar anywhere else!