We have been clients of Dr. Sobowale’s for numerous years and we could not ask for a more compassionate and kindhearted Veterinarian for our little ones.

Dr. Sobowale understands that we view animals not only as our pets, but as a part of our family. Any little critter would be considered fortunate to be in the kind hands of Dr. Sobowale and we whole-heartedly believe that no family would be disappointed with his treatment of their pet(s).

In addition, he is always so upbeat, a pleasure to be around, and when you leave his presence, you are always smiling and your day seems somewhat happier.

Over the years, we have dealt with the pain and sadness of losing some of our pets and Dr. Sobowale was there for us, not only as a Veterinarian but also as a friend. He has also been there for us with the joy of adding new pets to our family and ensuring that they receive the best care possible. And, most recently, he has been there for 5 little kittens that we have rescued.

Dr. Sobowale has even driven out to our home and performed “house calls” to come see the kittens to ensure they are all healthy, growing strong, and are all doing well.

Not only are we grateful that our little ones have such a wonderful, kind and caring Veterinarian, we as a family are so blessed to call Dr. Sobowale our friend. You will not be disappointed in selecting Dr. Sobowale as your Veterinarian — you will receive so much more than you ever could imagine!