Croydon Pet Hospital believes that the best way to keep companion pet happy and healthy is with routine wellness exams. Biannual visits are the best way to detect possible health problems. When detected early, many of these conditions can be treated and the life of your pet extended and made more enjoyable.

Wellness Programs

Croydon Pet Hospital has put together comprehensive wellness packages designed your companion pets file stages. Our wellness plans are deigned to be affordable and cover all your pet’s wellness needs such as exams and vaccines. Our plans are unlike traditional insurance plans, as they are built to ensure the health of your pet by making it easy for you focus on preventative services. Our Wellness Plans are designed based on your pet’s different life stages:

Puppy & Kitten Programs

  • Comprehensive Well Patient Exams
  • All Needed Vaccines & Boosters
  • Intestinal parasite exam
  • Deworming
  • Yearly Heartworm or Feline Leukemia Test
  • Ear Swab & Microscopic Exam
  • Spay/Neuter (platinum plan only)
  • Comprehensive Pre-surgical Bloodwork (platinum plan only)
  • Internal Organ Screen (platinum plan only)

Adult Dog and Cat Programs

  • Comprehensive Well Patient Exams
  • All Needed Vaccines
  • Intestinal parasite exam & Deworming
  • Ear Swab & Microscopic Exam
  • Yearly Dental Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Pre-surgical Bloodwork
  • Internal Organ Screen
  • Yearly Heartworm or Test
  • Client Education & Counseling
  • Chest X-ray (platinum plan only)